Message from Director

In April 2012, the Chiba Health Promotion & Disease Prevention, made a new start as a public interest foundation designated under the "Act on Authorization of Public Interest Incorporated Associations and Public Interest Incorporated Foundations." At this turning point we made a significant shift in emphasis on our business direction from a healthcare organization conducting medical check-ups/examination and treatments, to a survey research institution which analyzes the data from the results of medical check-ups/examination and treatments for public health, as well as conducting public awareness of health promotion.
This year marks our renewed foundation's forth year. This is entirely thanks to everyone's support, for which I am truly grateful.

We have now started our second basic five-year plan (2014-2019) last April, following the first basic five-year plan (2009-2013).
Four primary strategies are:

  • Enhancement of medical treatments and comprehensive health screening
  • Establishment of digital radiographic image interpretation system for mobile X-ray photography
  • Development of organizational frame works for sophisticated cancer screening
  • Creation of appropriate working environment suitable for cultivation human resources

Even first year of our second stage, we are making steady progress little by little, particularly shortening appointment times for female health screening is our big concern. We will strive to push our second five-year plan.

Our goal, after ten years, is to "be top organization in Japan with the highest level of quality control and patient's satisfaction." All our employees endeavor to improve their manner and the accuracy of lab examination. We believe we can achieve this goal by making efforts following three things, further stabilization our core services – medical check-ups/ examinations and treatment including comprehensive health screening, enhancing survey researches and public awareness activities and cultivating new services in new fields. With a great sense of responsibility as a public interest incorporated foundation, each individual employee will continue to support the health promotion for people of Chiba prefecture.

Outside of Japan, mass-screening has not yet become established business in all enterprises. However, in an era of globalization, we wish English speaking people to know about our business, so we added an English version of our website. I hope that this website will increase your understanding of our Foundation. From here on, we will continue our effort to carry out our mission. We look forward to your continued support.

July 1st 2015
Chiba Foundation for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
Director; Takehiko Fujisawa,M.D


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